Mr. Jackie Liu joined Profimation Inc. in 2020. Mr. Liu graduated from Electrical Engineering of NCKU and started his professional career with Phillips Electronics. Mr. Liu joined Honeywell in 1993, and was once expatriated to Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 1995. As Operations Manager of Honeywell since 2005, Mr. Liu was able to double his department revenue by expanding his services from Taiwan to oversea areas such as Hong Kong, Macau, and Indonesia.

劉少明先生 自 2020 年起任職於菩洛菲特科技公司 (Profimation Inc.)。劉先生於成功大學電機系畢業後,曾服務荷商飛利浦建元電子。自 1993 年起轉職服務於美商 Honeywell,直至退休。期間曾長期外派至美國技術中心 (Phoenix, Arizona)。自 2005 年起,擔任技術部經理,期間負責整合大陸、台灣、新加坡等多方資源,並將台灣業務拓展至國外各地區,包括了香港、澳門、雅加達等地。

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